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A Positive Note book, is more than a children’s book. It is educational and an introduction to a character who goes by the name of “A Positive Note.” A Positive Note is a warm hearted fuzzy red character (musical note) from the beautiful and colorful “Land of Positivity.”

Positivity and Your Health

In The Land of Positivity, everyone and everything are always positive and happy. Negativity is not an option.

In fact, negative emotions are not good for your health. Negative attitudes create unwanted stress which can damage YOUR body’s immune system. Studies have found that children with a negative attitude recover from sickness much slower than those with a positive mindset.

These findings show the indisputable link between a positive attitude and good health. Just some of the benefits of positive thinking include an increased life span, lower rates of depression, and greater resistance to the common cold.

Simply put, a positive attitude and mindset are invaluable for a healthy and happy child!

Positivity and Learning

A negative attitude limits a child’s performance, motivation, and diminishes the overall learning experience. In contrast, a positive attitude can greatly increase the likelihood of a child’s academic performance by helping them relax, remember, focus, and as a result, absorb and interpret information faster.

In a study of 240 children ages 7 to 10, the researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that being positive improved their ability to answer math problems, increased their memories, and enhanced their problem-solving abilities.

A Positive Vocabulary

A Positive Note allows children to experience the love and concern of A Positive Note. He goes to the World of Kids and encourages them to Think, Be and Stay Positive. Whether this book is read to a child or if they read it themselves, they will experience something that is very familiar to them in their own personal daily lives.

One of the most important parts of this book is the use of the word “POSITIVE” in the title of this book and as the name of the main character. This is done to influence the children to use the word “POSITIVE” as a part of their regular daily vocabulary.

Adding positive words such as Happy, Loved, Awesome, Honest, and Proud to your child’s vocabulary can help them remain positive and hopeful in a difficult situation. Remember, a positive attitude can lead to positive outcomes.

A Positive Note

To help the children interact with the book, there are learning activities at the end of the story. But, to bring the book to a special happy ending, the words of a happy, positive song, also titled, “A POSITIVE NOTE”, are printed in the back.

They can download the song and have a fun filled sing-along. I welcome you to an experience of a lifetime from, “The Land of Positivity” and “A Positive Note”.

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