Become Our Positive Partner

A Positive Note prides itself on helping children around the world reach their full potential by simply having a positive attitude.

Right now, in your classroom, hospital, church, or daycare sits the next great engineer, teacher, astronaut, or even President of the United States. Nothing is out of their grasp if they just believe in themselves.
Let’s make sure we are doing our part and instilling in every child a sense of positivity and optimism about their future. If you work with children in the following industries, let us show you how a positive attitude can change the lives of your children forever!

  • Kindergarten thru 5th Grade
  • Children's Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Public Education Television
  • Youth Organizations
  • Day Camps
  • Birthday Celebrations

Bring the “Positive Note” characters to your next event!
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