Dancers - The Freedom of Movement Dance Company
Theme song written by: JEFE312
Section312 Productions
Music Production by: Wildchatter Productions
JuiiX & Drew Fridge
Vocal Production & Vocals by JuiiX

Many Special Thanks to Song Writer JEFE312 and Vocalist JuiiX for bringing A Positive Note Theme Song Alive!

A Postive Note Lyrics

You're now rockin with A Positive Note
Where every day of the week there's a positive quote
Only good and great
Never bad or hate
Even when it takes time
Still got what it takes... now
Let's keep it on A Positive Note
The only note that helps you get through
And promises hope
And if you need a laugh or smile
From a positive joke
Just count on A Positive Note
He gives you guidance when you need it
Know you can achieve if you believe it
Yeah Yeah Yeah
No insult only compliments
Positive words build confidence
Negativity leave it
Positivity always keep it, Yeah
So when you need a positive friend
Who you can count on in the end
Let me hear you say, Hey
A Positive Note, Yeah Yeah Yeah
It's A Positive Note

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